Sunday, February 19, 2012

Enjoy the Journey!

CAS159 - On the Go!
Someone I know is having a birthday in several weeks and she's always on the go!   She prefers the more clean and simple type of card so I hope she'll like this one.'s always fun to ramp up a clean and simple card to the next level too.  I entered this card into the clean and simple (CAS157 challenge) on Splitcoast Stampers.   For a little zip I ramped it up using the TCPTUES96 challenge for color and the MFTWSC59 for a sketch. 

TCPTUES196  On the Go!
MFTWSC59 - On the Go!
Last week my husband and I were looking through some files and came across some of our daughter's report cards, awards, and school stories -- childhood treasures that are pieces of her.  Stories filled with adventure, nature and far away places.  Even the image of the little girl dressed as a super hero flying across the top of her stationary spoke of her spirit and personality.  No lines to keep her childlike writing straight - just open space.    "Oh The Places You'll Go" said Dr. Seuss, and she did!
She still looks sixteen to me.   Oh, she has a few (very few) grey hairs hiding in that copper colored hair of hers.   Freckles are still sprinkled across her face and her blue eyes are still as pretty as ever.   She's a scamp that one.  An independent and adventurous spirit with a passport stamped from far away places to prove it.

I remember the day I stood and watched her take flight into this big world.   What were we thinking to allow her to leave us like that? {wink}   Bravely I smiled, waved, and blew kisses as she walked away.  All the while my heart was breaking (at least it felt that way).   I prayed for God's grace and protection and laid her at his feet.  For she belongs to Him.

Last year I wrote about her birth in the post, "Once Upon a Springtime".    She filled our cottage with love and completed our family.   She still does.  

Happy Birthday my beloved.  Enjoy the journey! 


  1. Two great cards here. I love the punch of color in each. What a beautiful story about your daughter too!

  2. They are both wonderful! So cheerful and festive. And it sounds like it is a perfect fit!

  3. Susie, both cards are fabulous ... bright and cheerful. I enjoyed the story about your daughter too - thanks for sharing!

  4. How sweet is this post and a lovely lovely card.

  5. great card, great artist, great daughter! You have described her zest for life and you can see it each time you look into her face. Those wonderful eyes and the smile that is contagious. Love her and you too! DAF

  6. Beautiful blog Susie. Thank you for visiting my blog and following me as well. I simply adore these cards. I am now a follower of yours as well.


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