Saturday, January 28, 2012

It Started with a Kiss ...

My first report card read, "Susie enjoys visiting with her friends," that's code for "talks to much".   Yep, I'm a chatter-box.   But now that I'm older I prefer to think of myself as a story teller, a romantic at heart - sounds so much nicer don't you think?   And what could be nicer than a romantic love story?  One that fosters the hope that all things are possible.  This is the story of two families and their children, who, to their surprise, found that love was just around the corner.

We met when they were returning to the United States from Japan and we were returning from the Aleutian Islands off the coast of mainland Alaska.   Like many military families with young children in tow, we settled into the routine of a new duty station.   New friends, new schools, lots of activities and tons of work for our husbands at this new command.   But never to busy for two young mothers to share a pot of tea and fellowship together each afternoon.   Fostering a friendship that would blossom and span the next thirty-five years.

We enjoyed this place; where sea spray met rocky coast and left pools of adventure behind.   Where gull songs and softly clanging buoy's sang a sleepy lullaby, and blueberries were free for the taking.   It was a safe harbor.   A place to learn and grow for a season.   But as seasons come and go,  military orders would lead our families to opposite coasts.    We waved good-bye and promised to stay in touch with letters and a visit or two when travel would allow.     

Several years later while on vacation, our friends stopped for a brief visit.   What a wonderful time we had that evening.   Years flew by as we laughed and talked and told stories that made our hearts glad like a medicine.  A visit that would introduce our children to each other again.   Later that evening, before going out, our son said good bye to our friends and waved at the little girl sitting on the fireplace hearth.   His wave was returned by a shy smile.   Neither realizing the journey life had in store for them, all would be forgotten as they moved through the seasons of their lives.

Years later, while we were living in San Diego, our son surprised us with a late summer visit.   A trip to Catalina, bike riding in Coronado, and sipping coffee in the evening at the Hotel Del Coronado.   Warm sunny days provided a perfect backdrop for a memorable time.   The visit also presented an opportunity for our son to reconnect with our friends and their daughters.   And so a picnic dinner in La Jolla was planned.   A beautiful location to watch a western sunset and renew friendships.   Together again, with time and distance absent, common interests salted their conversation as they watched sunlight flash green on the ocean before them.   And hearts began to dream.

Should he write?
Dare he hope?
Would she feel the same?
He would see.

As the summer began to leave it's warm days behind, love began to flourish and grow as soul mates found one another again and a remarkable story began to unfold.

Friends by chance?  I don't think so.   Family by design - absolutely.   By faith and hope, all things are fulfilled.  A season for every activity under the heavens.   With the Arizona sunlight melting over the red canyon walls, vows complete; love whispers, "Dear one, the world is waiting for the sunrise."

To know them is to see love finishing a sentence - embracing their story.

This Christmas,  to everyone's surprise, we received the news they are expecting a baby!   We couldn't be happier for them and for us!  A new chapter--one that begins with "Once upon a time..."

 My Card design used the Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge

Inside Card Design

It Started with a Kiss ...

Beloved, if you ever thought that love might pass you by - let your heart rejoice.
God has a plan for you!
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,
 “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

It is my desire to encourage, inspire, and share from my heart.   Thank you so much for spending time with me today.   I hope you've enjoyed this remarkable story.


  1. sniff,sniff... love this love story and love those kids. Cannot wait to hold that little one and to see our family grow. You will be such a blessing to this little one, as you are to the entire family. As always, DAF

  2. It is indeed a remarkable story, Susie! Absolutely magical and delightful! And your telling of it, with your beautifully chosen words and enchanting imagery make it all the more special. I'm so happy you shared it here! And congratulations!!!!

    p. s. I was also the one who "visited" too much with her friends. :)

  3. Congratulations to the parents-to-be and the grandparents-to-be! How exciting! The story of your son and daughter-in-law's childhood acquaintance and subsequent romantic relationship and marriage is so sweet, and your storytelling is especially endearing. I will always think twice when I joke with friends about arranging marriages between our children! Just think how cool it will be when you and your friend get together and you can both brag on the same grandchild! Blessings to you and thanks for allowing us to celebrate with you!

  4. It is truly a remarkable story! The stuff of fairytales and poetry. And told in such a way as to hold me spellbound. Beautiful! How lovely to think there are more stories in the offing with a new life on the way. Wonderful photos to help tell the tale, and a sweet card to celebrate the happy news. Congratulations to both families!

  5. Beautiful story Susie and so well written. I have missed reading your blog for awhile now. So glad you posted again. Congrats to all the family. What a joy to have a baby on the way.

  6. Susie, I love all the creative things you are doing with this blog! You are so talented and gifted! Will we get to see some of the ink drawings and watercolors you mentioned? Did I miss a link? Love ya, Ruthie

  7. Susie, what a beautiful fairy tale story. TFS Congratulations on soon becoming a grandmother too. Your life is filled with love and blessings. How wonderful.

  8. Whoops....fairytale....I hate misspellings, don't you?!?

  9. oh my goodness...I stumbled on your fabulous blog by chance...but I am definetly stay by choice...
    Just read your story-telling of an everlasting friendship and a blossoming love now to be completed by the pitter patter of a wee one....
    and you made me cry....tears of joy of course...
    Nonetheless....crying from a story read from a totally complete strangers tells me that I must come backagain...and again...
    I am now thirsty for more!!
    Thank YOU and God Bless!!! ♥
    SCS: Sama

  10. Couldn't help myself, had to read just one more, having gotten married on Valentine's Day 31 years ago, how could I resist this one? So sweet! Oh and CONGRATS on becoming a grandmother-to-be! :)

  11. Oh Susie my friend, what a beautiful story. I got quite weepy reading it. I love a story with a happy ending!!! Big hugs Susie Williams (SCS susie australia).

  12. Wow, now that's a story I will never forget. You are not only an amazing cardmaker, but a fabulous storyteller! Thanks for sharing this. It just took me away to so many places and felt GOOD!

  13. Oh my, Susie! This is one of the most touching stories...and such a God story! Oh how God delights in giving us good things, and you've not only been able to maintain a precious and long-time friendship, but you are now related and have your first grandchild! Praise God! And now we are connected...oh what a gift! Hugs and continued blessings, my sweet friend!

  14. Love the beautiful love story of your son and DIL and how wonderfully you tell the tale. What a blessing!!! It makes me so happy to read of happiness, love and following God's plan! Thank you so much for sharing!

  15. Awww! Susie, I am in tears!!! What a grand story! Thank you for including the scripture. It's been dear to me for years but interestingly it's the 2nd time in 4 days that it has crossed my path. I think I am going to meditate on it a bit! Thanks for stirring my heart and giving it hope for my children's future!

  16. Beautiful, Susie! Both the story and your writing of it. You have a gift, friend. Well, actually, you have many gifts. But your story telling is so incredible-weaving tales of people's lives and how God orchestrated the entire thing. I admire your faith, your love. Thanks for sharing your heart!


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