Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Guy

In a million years I could have never imagined I would have found the love of my life when I met Vance.  Laying across my cousin's bed at age 16 we looked through her year book, laughing like the school girls we were.  Dreaming, giggling, imaging our future lives.   Deciding who to invite to my cousin's summers end "record party" we flipped through her year book.    Turning the page I landed on a full length photo of my husband in a football stance.  He was the Captain of the football team, President of the Letterman's Club, and Homecoming King.  And I was in love!  For a sixteen year old girl he had met all the requirements *laughing*

But let me tell you the rest of the story.  The qualities of this young man were: faith, leadership, honesty, commitment, loyalty, and courage.   Rare characteristics for a young man of 18.   Qualities that have guided him through his life and set him apart from others.   A man who loves and is committed to his family.   A man who keeps his word.  Who is generous in word and deed.   A man of quiet faith and strength.   I still remember how he gently held my hand and prayed quietly as our plane took off in the dark of the night for our first trip overseas.  Reassuring me that everything would be alright.  How I love that strength.  Strength that held our children in his arms securely, safely, and with love.  Strength that united us during long absences.

Romantic.   Yes, he's that too.   A surprise bouquet of a white and red rose presented by a shy (yes he was) gentle soul during an evening walk early in our engagement.    He repeated the gift of the bouquet through our married life together.   Each time a child was born there was an extra red rose.   A simple gift, it spoke of his love.   Anniversaries were the same.  No matter where he was.  And many times we were apart.   Each day he wrote.  And with each letter a Bible verse on the outside of the envelope to encourage me.    A quiet witness of his love and devotion to family and his God.

Encourager.  Whether a science project or driving lessons in the school parking lot for our daughter,  a father-son drive across the states to college.  A pep talk over breakfast.  He does his best to encourage and show his love and support.  He shares his enthusiasm for life with all.

Today,  I honor him.  I am thankful for him.  I am blessed to be called his wife.

Happy Birthday to my forever love.

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